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Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers in Hillsboro, OH

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The Hillsboro, OH area can deal with humidity extremes over the seasons, from dry winters to humid summers. Shafer Heating & Cooling, LLC can help your home handle both with our humidifier and dehumidifier services, which include whole-house dehumidifier replacement, whole-house humidifier replacement, regular dehumidifier maintenance, and more.

  • We deliver superior service with an unmatched client experience
  • We offer the best-written guarantees and warranties on new installations, including a 100% Money-Back Guarantee, a Lowest Price Guarantee, a Comfort Guarantee, and a Lifetime Unit Replacement Guarantee.
  • We never accept past performance as good enough

We’ve been family-owned and operated since we started in business in 1985, and we’re always striving to improve our services with the best in state-of-the-art technology and equipment. You can rely on us whether you need humidifier or dehumidifier services.

You are just one call away from the comfort and savings you deserve!


Humidifier Installation

Low humidity causes dry skin and eyes, makes illnesses easier to spread, and puts a sharper edge on colder temperatures. The right whole-house humidifier will give you a comfortable and healthy home during the dry season. Just ask us about finding the right unit for your HVAC system.

Humidifier Repair

Our technicians are knowledgeable in how to repair broken whole-home humidifiers. Call us for same-day service when you have humidifier troubles.

Dehumidifier Installation

Do you want to eliminate muggy air from your home during summer? It’s as easy as working with the Shafer Heating & Cooling, LLC team to install a whole-house dehumidifier. You’ll feel cooler, need to run the AC less, and won’t have problems with mold or water damage indoors.

Dehumidifier Repair

Only trained professionals can repair a malfunctioning dehumidifier—so call us when you need these repairs in the Hillsboro, OH area. We always continue to strive to reach new levels of excellence.

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