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Heating Repair in Hillsboro, OH

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If you typed “heating system repair near me” or “heating repairs near me” to end up at this page, you’ve found the best team in the Hillsboro, OH area to handle the work you need. We have a fully certified staff, and people trust us to deliver high-quality work on every repair we do.

  • We deliver superior service with an unmatched client experience
  • We offer same-day emergency HVAC service
  • We never accept past performance as good enough

Since 1985, Shafer Heating & Cooling, LLC has aimed to be the best when it comes to heating for local homeowners. We take pride in offering a world class experience for our customers and providing value on each job. We offer regular and emergency repair services for all types of heating systems.

You are just one call away from the comfort and savings you deserve!


Furnace Repairs

The majority of homes in the Hillsboro, OH area use furnaces, both gas and electric, for winter heating. Our team members can take care of any repairs your furnace may need, and they’ll ensure the job is done safely. Working with professionals means you won’t have the worries that come with amateur jobs. We’ll keep your family warm and safe through the winters.

Boiler Repairs

If you rely on a boiler for your home’s heating, you can trust Shafer Heating & Cooling, LLC to repair it whenever it starts to malfunction. Not all local HVAC contractors work with boilers, but we do! Make us your first choice for any boiler repair and we’ll see you have a great experience.

Ductless Heating Repairs

We also work with ductless mini split heat pumps. These are new systems for many homes, but you can trust that we’ll guide you through the process of any repairs. You’ll soon find out why we’re one of the most reputable HVAC contractors in the area.

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