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Ed Letts, This week
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Ron Sampson, This month

I has a heating seasonal check as part of my club membership. The tech, Christian, arrived early to check my geothermal system. He was knowledgeable, efficient, and thorough. He explained what he was checking and the results. Good job and it was no cost as part of the club membership.

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Judy Herdman, This month

I was so pleased with Faxin who serviced my furnace. He was willing to answer all the questions I had about my system. He had everything done in a timely manner. He was friendly and very nice.

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Kevin Martin, This month

Johnny and Kenzie were great for install and sales people were great.

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Joslyn Ames, This month

I had 2 Cody crews on 2 different days who were very nice, respectful, professional, and efficient. Explained the process as they did it and did a redo to get dust that wouldn't come out. Installation crew worked through the rain like Champs. Gentlemen know what they are doing and it shows. Highly recommend.

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Daniel Cobb, This month

Great experience!

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Debbie Hughes, This month

During our 6 month maintenance check of our heating system it was discovered our furnace was leaking carbon monxide and needed to be replaced. The repairmen sent Kyle, the comfort advisor, to talk with us about what was needed that same day. It was only after talking with Kyle that we realized we needed a complete new heating and a/c unit. Kyle discussed our options and explained everything about each one. He was very knowledgable, kind, and professional. He answered all of our questions thoroughly. The installation was started later the same week and completed the following week.

Johnny, Kenzie, and Cody were the installers and did a very efficient job. Our 3 year old granddaughter expecially enjoyed talking to Kenzie and telling him about catching frogs and cleaning them. She had just recently watched her daddy and friends do this. Kenzie gave her his undivided attention, along with belly rubs for our 102# St Berdoodle. That went above and beyond his job and made a great impression on us.

We can't thank Shaffer Heating and cooling enough for discovering the problem with our furnace. Our story could have had an entirely different ending if the carbon monoxide problem had not been discovered early. All of the employees who worked on our heating and a/c unit, and with us, were very professional, efficient, kind, and knowledgable but I have to say that it was Kyle's expertise, kindness, and recommendtions that won us over to use Shaffer.

I highly recommend them. They are a great company!

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Kansie Garrity, This month

Jonny Barret and his partner did an amazing job installing our heating system and thermostat. They went above and beyond to make sure that we had everything we needed and that everything was done the right way. They will definitely keep us coming back!

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CGFireworks, This month

Johnny and Kenzie did an amazing job! They were very professional, and the installation of the new heating system looks really good. 10 out of 10 in quality and service!!

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Natalie Hamilton, This month

I want to give a shout-out to our technicians—Tyler, Lance, and Cody. This rock star team installed a new system (that we are very grateful to have won at Shafer's Inc. 5000 celebration!) and ductwork (we paid for) over several days. They were thrown some surprises but remained positive and professional. I was constantly impressed by their work ethic and attention to detail. Thank you for working so tirelessly!

Thank you, Ron Shafer, for giving away a system! Thank you, Kyle, for addressing our concerns and working with us to ensure all the details were correct. We appreciate you all!

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