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Carey Soale's Profile Image
Carey Soale, Yesterday
Robert Neely's Profile Image
Robert Neely, This week

Robbie was on time and had my system back up and running in less than an hour and checked everything to make sure it was running correctly. Great company to use.

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John Gettys, Last week

We first used Shafer to install our central air unit. They did a fantastic job. Robbie has came out to the house twice and each time he has done a great job. I couldn't be happier with Shafer.

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Marcus Bradley, This month

Robbie initially came out to run a new condensation line in our crawl space so it would drain outside. That was to be step 1, then we were going to take additional steps down the road to keep it perfectly dry down there. Robbie informed us they have Whole House de-humidifiers, and that's exactly what we needed. I was shocked to learn he could install it the next day. It seems most outfits require several weeks of lead time. Robbie, Lane, and Cory came out the next day and did it all in about 4 hours. They installed the electric, put down all new vapor barrier, installed the condensation pump, de-humidifier, and tied everything in so it drains out one line. Job well done!

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Timothy Stegbauer, This month

Best HVAC people I have ever dealt with. Always dependable, knowledgeable, and so far, reasonably priced. Have had issues before that other HVAC companies couldn't solve and Shafer's came through!

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Linda Cluxton, This month
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Kaycie Egner, This month

Tyler and Lance were very friendly and did a good quick job. Left it cleaner than it's been in 20 years.

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Sue Ritchie Rosselott, This month

Today we had 3 young men at our home doing two jobs. They are so nice and polite, friendly as they are doing their jobs. They explained well what was going on and why, and were careful while doing them. Tyler was their lead person and all three enjoy what they do.

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Chelsea Wages, Last month

Leaving this review for my parents - they do not have Facebook lol

"Shafer Heating & Cooling are : Professional, polite, extremely knowledgeable and efficient! Our unit went out on Sunday evening and we had an entirely new system by Wed afternoon!"

Amanda O'Dell's Profile Image
Amanda O'Dell, Last month

Our technician was on time, very friendly and communicated with us every step of the way. Thank you for always providing great services whenever we need it!

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