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Jessica Lynn Bell, Last month

Thank you to Jeremy and Brooke for providing quick and helpful service! Thankful to have air conditioning back and working smoothly!

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Kim Knauff, Last month

Well it was a big task but Robert and Logan did an excellent job taking the Big Green Monster (fuel oil furnace) that was almost 40 yrs old out of the basement and replacing it with a new electric furnace and heat pump. They showed up at exactly the times they said they would. Both were very courteous and explained everything thoroughly. I highly recommend Shafer H/C.

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Lindsay Snavely, Last month

Shafer continues to employ competent, friendly and professional technicians. Christian came out today to conduct regular HVAC maintenance. He called before arriving, arrived on time, listened to all my questions and concerns, and completed the visit in a timely manner.

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Sondra Mae Spalding, Last month

Being new to Hillsboro, we were looking for a HVAC company to look at our AC that had quit keeping up, preferably one with some sort of maintenance plan. I remembered driving by their shop so filled out a form on their site to be contacted. They reached out the next day and had a tech out the day after that. They sent me a reminder and a picture of the tech and Robbie called when he was on the way. He did a full inspection and showed my husband everything he found, starting with the fact that the system was over 20 years old and ending with the safety concerns. We had been talking about replacing it next year (we'd already made one big purchase this year) but had Robbie tell the office we would be interested in talking with someone about replacement (why spend a lot on repairs if you are looking at replacing anyway). The office called us before Robbie had even left and scheduled an appointment for the same day. Ron Shafer (owner) came out and did a thorough assessment to determine what we would need and go over everything with us - he spent hours with us making sure he knew what we needed and we understood everything. He answered every question we had. Before he even left, he reached out and got us on the schedule for the next day. The install was supposed to take one and a half days and they again made sure we knew who and when. Johny and Logan showed up on time and got right to work. It was in the 90s but there was no lagging in these guys, even when they had to go crawling around under the house. They did run into some unexpected issues with the equipment which caused the job to actually take three days, but here is what really blew me away - the price never changed! Johny swore they were going to do whatever it took to get everything working properly and they did! Being the jaded person I am, I expected to hear they were going to charge us more for the additional labor but no. They just wanted to make sure it all worked properly. I am already looking at them when it is time for the water heater.

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Laura Pickering-Polstra, Last month

Recently had our summer "check-up" of our geothermal heating system. Christian was professional, polite, and unobtrusive. This has always been our experience with Shafer's ever since the system was installed over 6 years ago. Highly recommend.

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Kel Darkling, This year

We moved to Hillsboro 2 years ago and our HVAC system has been limping along from day one. Usually I can get satisfactory service out of it by replacing the filter when it falls behind the thermostat however, this weekend that failed to restore sufficient cooling power and at bedtime it was 6 degrees over what we have set.

Started looking for a service company that would provide a service contract with seasonal maintenance checks when my wife remembered seeing the Shafer billboards and trucks around town so I requested a service call through their website. They reached out to us the next day and had a diagnostic appointment set up at the earliest we were available (we signed up for thier Membership Club during this call as the annual price was only about 65% the cost of two seasonal checkups which are included as well as service/parts/equipment discounts for the duration of membership of 10-20%). The arrival window was 10am-12pm and I was surprised when we got a call at 9:45 informing us Robbie was on the way (we also received a picture of the technician via text message or email, I don't remember).

Robbie was wonderful. He checked out the entire system including the furnace & blower. The entire visit took about 2 hours and he pointed out multiple issues including the fact that very little maintenance had ever been performed on our 22 year old system. The cost to repair and condition of the system helped in making the decision to upgrade (we had already decided to replace everything but were hoping to stretch it to next year as we have already had multiple expensive repairs). Robbie took me around and opened everything to show me what the existing issues were and other potential failures to come, including a fused breaker for one of the heat strips in the furnace. It was our feeling it would be dangerous to run once colder weather set in and a waste putting money into a system that would so obviously fail soon. Just the amount of dust built up on the blower fan and coils seemed like a fire hazard. Robbie placed a call to the office before he left and let them know we were interested in a quote on a new system.

By 3pm Ron Shafer had arrived to evaluate what we needed to make our home comfortable. We reviewed all the options, chose what was most important to us while Ron figured out what we needed and how to make it affordable for us. We are ending up with a much better solution than I had hoped for, including air purification and humidity control to ease some our respiratory conditions, and adding 2 more vents for dead spaces, all within our budget. AND somehow managed to make it educational and fun. (I now know what SEER means [MPG for your HVAC system], how airflow affects comfort and why vents are usually placed near windows and doors)

That was yesterday. The install started pretty much at 8 this morning. Johny and Logan arrived and jumped right in. (They offered to bring a portable cooling unit out to us for the duration of the project. We declined, but I've never heard of a company going that far above and beyond) I've been sitting back letting them do their thing. As of 3:15 pm the old ac unit, furnace and blower have been removed. The new heat pump, furnace and blower is installed and connected, prep work for the new vents and devices is complete and they have left for the day. They asked if they could arrive earlier tomorrow since they don't need to wait for any deliveries and I'm just thrilled with the service so far. I will update this review tomorrow after the work is complete with ALL the fun details.

At this point I can honestly say that this has been the best experience working with a contractor of any kind ever! Thanks Shafer Heating and Cooling for turning what is normally a harrowing situation into a stress free experience! Fast, Friendly & Professional. We will be recommending you to everyone we know.

And after years of writing reviews on Google I just found out there's a character limit. I had to leave things out.

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Jordan Anne Phillips, This year

WOW! We were blown away from the professionalism of this company. From calling their office to set up service to the techs Faxton & David. They were all exteremly kind, knowledgable and thorough. So PROUD to have this business in Hillsboro! We will continue to use and refer to this company!

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Kaylee Meece, This year

My technician Christian is very informative and polite. Shafer did a great job installing my system. I've been using them for years and will continue to use them in the foreseeable future!

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Bob Campbell, This year

Our technician Shaun was very professional polite and very knowledgeable I would definitely recommend Shafer heating and cooling to anyone and we will be using them again

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Tom Dreher, This year

Shafer has just replaced our old A/C and oil furnace with a new heat pump, UV light and purification system, a
humidifier, and partial ductwork replacement. We also had our remaining ductwork cleaned. Everyone has been a pleasure to deal with, including Jacob, who did our initial assessment, to installer Johny and his crew, and Lance and the duct cleaning crew. They did a great job on the installation, and even got our old oil furnace out of a tight spot without a major problem. Communication about scheduling was excellent, and the entire thing went smoothly. Also, considering all this started on one of the hottest days of the year, they brought us a portable air conditioner to use while ours was being replaced. Thanks, guys!

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