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Regularly Changing the AC’s Air Filter: Why It’s Essential


If we had to limit ourselves to one piece of advice to give to our customers about air conditioning in Hillsboro, OH, it would be this: Always change the air filter for the AC every 1 to 3 months when the system is regularly working. It’s not a difficult job. The filter goes in a slot next to the blower on the HVAC cabinet, and you only have to slide out the old filter and slide a new one in its place (making sure the directional arrows line up). But many homeowners aren’t aware of the importance of this job and frequently forget to do it. 

Leaving a dirty air filter in place creates numerous, easily avoidable problems. Below we’re going to look at the reasons it’s important to keep up with routine air filter changes.

The air filter protects the interior of the AC

This is the filter’s main job. Sometimes people think the filter is there for better air quality, but it has only a minor effect on this. It’s actually in place to block airborne particles like dust, lint, and dander from getting inside the AC through the air currents drawn through the return ducts. It won’t take long for the filter to become fully congested, and when that happens, the filter will distort and bend from the air pressure, allowing particles to get around it and into the AC. This infiltration into the AC will damage it and lead to repairs and even an early replacement.

A clogged filter reduces energy efficiency

The most immediately noticeable problem of a dirty air filter is that it will force the air conditioner to work unnecessarily harder. The blower fan will struggle to draw air through the clogged filter, causing it to drain more electricity. Because less warm air will enter the AC to be cooled, the air conditioner will have to run longer to provide cooling for the house, and this also increases the cost to run it. High electric bills often warn that you’re overdue for putting in a clean filter.

The AC can overheat because of a dirty filter

The strain placed on the blower motor of the air conditioner because the airflow through the filter is choked off can lead to the motor overheating. When the blower motor overheats, it will trip the circuit breaker for the AC and shut the system down. This is another warning you’ve got a clogged air filter.

A clogged filter can cause the evaporator coil to freeze

If the air conditioner cannot pull an adequate volume of warm air through the filter, it will leave the refrigerant inside the evaporator coil too cold. Soon, the coil will freeze water moisture along its surface, which will further hamper it from absorbing heat from the air. This will lower the AC’s ability to provide cooling around the house. 

These are only the main problems from a clogged filter—and we hope they’re enough to remind you how important regular filter changes are! You can always call us if you have other questions or if your AC isn’t acting the way it should.

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