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It’s That Time: Schedule Maintenance for Your Heating System


Do you want to think about your home heating system right now? Probably not because the weather is still warm during these fading days of summer—and we may even have some more seriously hot days ahead. But the best time to think about your heating system is when you don’t immediately need it. It’s easy for you to schedule service for your heater to ensure that it will run its best, and it’s far better than making an emergency call in the middle of January.

The service we recommend you arrange for now is regular heating maintenance. Routine HVAC maintenance is one of the most important services that we offer because it does so much to help our customers to get the most from their heating systems while spending the least. 

Why Heating Maintenance Is Important

Heating maintenance provides you with numerous benefits that save you money and protect your family’s comfort:

  • Reduced need for repairs: A regularly-maintained heating system will encounter fewer repairs than one that’s neglected. More than half the repairs a heater might need during its service life can be avoided with maintenance.
  • Longer system life: Without maintenance, your heater may give out on you years early, resulting in a costly replacement. With maintenance, you’ll maximize the years of comfort from your heater.
  • Better energy efficiency: When a heater has routine maintenance, it will retain 95% of its original energy efficiency rating until the last one to two years of its service life. You won’t need to pay more to run the heater than you have to.
  • Warranty protection: The warranty for a heating system may be voided if the unit doesn’t have proof of regular maintenance. 
  • Better airflow indoors: Your heating system will run at full capacity each season because our technicians will be able to catch troubles with airflow, such as leaking ductwork or a damaged blower fan. 
  • Peace of mind: This is the best benefit of all—you won’t have to worry that your heating system will fail when you need it the most. There’s little chance of the heater failing if it’s gotten pre-season maintenance.

Fall Is the Time!

Fall is the ideal time to schedule heating maintenance in Hillsboro, OH: the weather isn’t cold yet so you’ll have enough time to arrange for the job, but it’s also close enough to the change in weather that the heater will be in the best possible shape. The sooner you call us, the easier it is to get a convenient appointment.

Join Our Maintenance Club

We offer a Maintenance Club to make regular maintenance for both your heater and air conditioner much easier. Our comprehensive 20-point inspection keeps your systems running at peak efficiency, and you’ll also receive bonuses like 20% off any repair work performed, 10% off new system installations, priority scheduling, discounted diagnostic fees, and a 25% Utility Savings Guarantee.

So give us a call while it’s still warm—and we’ll make sure you stay warm when it counts.

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