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It’s Time to Get Ready for Summer!

Spring has sprung, and now summer is just around the corner. Temperatures will only get warmer, adding demand to your central air conditioner. But there are a few ways that you can get ready for the heat of the summer by taking some proactive steps to care for your air conditioner now.

When you do need service for your central air conditioning in Washington Court House, OH, you can give our team a call to schedule service. In the meantime, you can keep reading to learn our tips for getting your air conditioner ready for the summer season. You may think that you have plenty of time with summer being yet a few months away, but preparing early will offer the best results.

Change the Filter

Your first step in getting ready for summer is to change out the air filter on your air conditioner. If the old filter is still in place from last year, this is especially important. However, if you thought ahead, you may have already put your air filter in place at the end of last season so that you’d be ready for the summer. 

Either way, we encourage you to check the intake grate just to be safe. Leaving a dirty filter in place puts you at risk for airflow problems with your air conditioner as you head into summer. Your unit may not be able to keep up with cooling needs if it can’t bring in enough air through a dirty filter. Aside from putting a new filter in place right now, it’s also important that you set reminders to change out the air filter on time every one to three months.

Check the Outdoor Unit

Your next stop is the outdoor unit. This part of your air conditioner probably gets ignored most of the time because you don’t see it or think about it very often. But it’s a good idea at the beginning of the season to hose it down with gentle water pressure to get rid of any dirt buildup. You can also check for debris like leaves and sticks that are around the unit. 

You want to keep a clearance of around three feet of space so that your outdoor unit has the capacity for strong airflow out. After all, this is where heat gets released from inside your home as part of the cooling process. If any of the fins are bent, you can use a butter knife to gently separate them again and straighten them out. Keep in mind that you want to do this very carefully because the fins are fragile.

Schedule Professional Service

Your last stop in taking care of your air conditioner ahead of spring and summer is to schedule professional service. There’s only so much that you can do as a homeowner and while the tasks you complete are extremely important for caring for your air conditioner, nothing can replace professional service. 

When our team is able to make a few tweaks to your air conditioner all along, you have the best chance of a long lifespan with great energy efficiency and effective cooling. Oftentimes, our team can identify repair needs or problems earlier and save you the headache of an emergency breakdown and a much more expensive repair bill.

Shafer Heating & Cooling, LLC: You are just one call away from the comfort and savings you deserve! Schedule an appointment today for your AC service including repairs and maintenance.

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