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How Sounds Can Tell You Your Furnace Needs Repairs


Your gas furnace doesn’t have a computer AI system it can use to alert you to malfunctions. (Although that technology may come along someday.) But there are ways you can detect that something is amiss with your furnace so you can call for repairs before they worsen and leave you with a broken furnace on a cold day.

Unusual sounds are one of the quickest ways to determine a furnace that’s in trouble. Anything out of the ordinary deserves attention, and the following sounds are the most common warning signs…


This is certainly an intimidating noise to hear coming from a gas furnace. Although you don’t need to worry that your furnace is about to explode, this noise does indicate trouble with delayed ignition of the gas burners. Too much unburned gas is building up in the combustion chamber so that when it does ignite, it creates a sudden boom noise. This puts stress on the furnace and can even lead to flame roll-out, so you’ll want technicians to look into the problem right away.


You can expect to hear clicking come from your furnace at specific times, such as during ignition and after the furnace shuts down. If you hear loud and consistent clicking at other times, it may indicate problems with the electrical components of the furnace or even cracks in the heat exchanger, which are a major safety hazard. Shut off the furnace and call our team to help. 

Mechanical grinding and shrieking

These are noises connected to the motors in the HVAC system. Shrieking occurs when the motor bearings start to wear down. If you move quickly to have this repaired, technicians can rescue the motor by replacing the bearings. Grinding usually means the motor is burning out and will need to be replaced. You may also detect an acrid burning odor along with this noise.


This noise often has a simple explanation: the cabinet door to the furnace isn’t secure and needs to be fully closed. If the problem isn’t coming from the door, then there are probably parts coming loose in the furnace or which already are loose. The furnace cabinet may also not be securely attached to the floor.


Hard metallic clanging sounds usually indicate trouble with the blower. A fan blade may be bent and striking the housing, the fan is misaligned, or a part is loose inside the blower assembly. This will soon lead to more extensive damage to the blower, so shut off the power to the furnace and call for assistance right away.

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