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Most Common Air Conditioning Repair Calls

Summer is just around the corner, and your air conditioner will be working hard to keep your home comfortable in the heat of summer. You may not have even turned your air conditioner on yet this season, and we are already talking about the potential for AC repair in Hillsboro, Ohio. But, that is the reality of owning and operating such a complex home appliance. 

No matter how great your air conditioner is, eventually you will be faced with addressing repair needs. The good news is that our team are experts at air-conditioning repair in the area. We can help you with any problem, big or small. And you can keep reading to learn more about the most common AC problems that we see. 

Ice On Evaporator Coils

The indoor portion of your air conditioner has evaporator coils. When room temperature air blows across these coils, heat gets removed along with some moisture. Your air conditioner then transfers this heat and humidity outside through the evaporator coils. While it is normal for the coils to get cold, there is such a thing as too cold. If you notice ice developing on the evaporator coils inside of your air conditioner, that is bad news. If these coils freeze completely, they can block airflow and cause major problems for your air conditioning unit. 

Refrigerant leaks are one of the most common culprits in causing frozen evaporator coils. If you do, you have a refrigerant leak, you may hear a whistling or bubbling sound. When this happens, turn off your air conditioner and give us a call right away.

Condenser Coil Buildup

Your outdoor unit has a set of coils too. These coils are called condenser coils. And they have an equally important role in cooling air for your home. These coils help to expel heat and moisture outside of your home. Since these coils are outside, they can get dirty very easily. Too much dust and debris can block these coils so that heat gets trapped inside. When this happens, the heat can actually transfer back into your home and impact how cool the air is blowing through your vents and into your rooms. 

The good news is, there is an easy solution. You can use general water pressure from your outside hose to rinse off these condenser coils every month. Then when you schedule AC maintenance our team can check the coils too. If we notice anything that needs to be fixed, we can do so at that time.

Dirty Air Filter

You probably already know that you have to change your air filter every single month. But is it really that big of a deal if you do it on time? What happens if a week or two extra goes by? Well, the answer is that your air filter can quickly get clogged and block airflow into your air conditioner. This can also allow dust and dirt into the system that dries up lubrication and cause gears to grind together instead of working smoothly.

While you may not attribute damage inside your air conditioner to a dirty air filter, this is one of the most common problems that we see. After all, AC problems are really not problems in and of themselves. They are actually a result of other issues that went unaddressed or unnoticed.

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