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Benefits of Central AC Over Ductless Systems

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, you may be considering switching to a ductless mini split. While the systems do have a variety of benefits, a central air conditioner is the tried-and-true method of cooling your home. 

We suggest that you invest in central AC in Hillsboro, Ohio, especially if you already have central heating and cooling in your home. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of central air conditioning and why it may be a better choice for your family over other air conditioning options. 

Cheaper Installation

Investing in another central air conditioner is often cheaper than other options like a ductless mini split. In fact, it can be thousands of dollars cheaper. Saving this much money upfront on installation may mean that you can put those dollars to good use and invest in a higher-quality system that offers better energy efficiency.

Easier Installation

It is also easier to install a central air conditioner, especially if you already have the existing ductwork in place. Ductwork can last much longer than an air conditioning system, so we don’t usually have to replace it as part of the installation process. That’s just another way to save money. Of course, if your existing ductwork has any holes or broken seals, our team can make repairs to ensure that your ductwork is in the best possible condition for your new unit. 

More Convenient

When you have one central air conditioner, you only have to set the temperature once for your entire house. If you have a ductless mini split, you have the change the settings for each individual room or zone of your house. A central air conditioner is also only a single unit to provide maintenance for. You only have to change out one air filter each month instead of cleaning the filter for each smaller unit. Our team only has to inspect one AC instead of many. 

Better Indoor Air Quality

Central air conditioners can only do so much for your indoor air quality, but they are usually better than ductless mini splits. The filters are so small in a ductless unit that they get clogged much easier and there’s a greater chance that some particles make it through the system and recirculate in the air of your home. They may also be better at managing the humidity levels in your home compared to a ductless unit. 


But, even central air conditioners have some downsides, too. It’s important to know both the pros and cons so that you can make an educated decision. When it does come time to replace the ductwork attached to your air conditioner, that can be a very expensive investment. And it’s not one you can skip out on. If your ductwork is too damaged, it will cost you hundreds reflected in your monthly energy bills. Central air conditioners are also less energy efficient, largely because of the attached ductwork. Cooled air can escape through the tiniest holes, leaving your AC to work harder to cool your home. 

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