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These AC Sounds Spell Certain Disaster if Left Unchecked

It can feel very alarming to hear an unusual sound coming from your air conditioner, especially if it is a sound you’ve never heard before. You may be wondering if something is wrong or if the sound was just a fluke. When it comes to your AC, you never want to ignore the signs that something is wrong.

It’s always better to get your AC checked out and to be sure that everything is OK. If you need service for your AC in Hillsboro, Ohio, our team is here to help. You can keep reading to learn more about five unusual sounds that can indicate it’s time to schedule an AC repair appointment.


If your AC ever buzzes, that’s a sign of ice developing on the coils. Many homeowners don’t think that ice is a big deal since the coils are designed to provide cooling. However, ice blocks airflow and actually prevents your system from being able to work effectively to provide cool air for your home. 

The buzzing sound itself is not the actual problem though. Ice developing on your coils is usually due to a malfunction somewhere else in the system. For example, you may have poor airflow or a refrigerant leak that is causing ice to develop on your coils. So if you hear buzzing, it’s definitely a problem you want to get addressed sooner, rather than later.


If your air conditioner ever makes a squealing sound, this is a sign of the internal pressure being too high. As pressure levels go up, it can put a huge strain on the surrounding components, leading to a squealing sound. This can compound wear and tear, having a huge effect on your AC. Squealing is definitely a sound that you don’t want to ignore, whether you hear it once or hear it persistently over time.


When a hissing sound comes from your air conditioner, you may have a refrigerant leak. There are other things that can cause hissing sounds, but this is the most common reason. The refrigerant in your AC is in a gas form, and if there is a leak in the line the pressure causes a hissing sound as the refrigerant gas escapes.

This is bad news because without refrigerant, your AC cannot cool the air in your home. But refrigerant is also very dangerous for your home and family. Refrigerant leaks can damage surrounding components on your AC and even other objects in your home. If you breathe in refrigerant it can make you sick, and if you get any on your skin it can cause burns.


When you hear grinding, there’s a good chance that something is wrong with either the compressor motor or the blower motor. Grinding is often described as being a metal-on-metal sound. It usually happens when components come slightly out of place and begin to struggle working together. It’s also common for lubrication to dry up over time, leading to a grinding sound. Our team can make sure that all of your components are secure and well-lubricated so that they can work together without grinding.


If you have any components that come loose inside of your AC, they may rattle around. It may be that a part loosens up and taps gently against a side while still remaining in operation. But there’s an equal chance that the rattling sound is from a small part that actually came completely loose and is knocking around somewhere inside your air conditioner. If it gets stuck in a fan or motor, it can cause serious damage.

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